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    I was browsing through alot of backgrounds a little while ago and found many that I would like to have as my background. Then it hit me........what if instead of every month the PSP changing it's background, it changes daily. This way I could put all the backgrounds that I want on the PSP and when all the backgrounds have been used it'll start with the first one again. This is just an idea and very curious to know if this is possible at all.

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    have never used pspersonalize but if it can change wp every month it should be able to change every day to right? at least for one month.. email the guy who made pspersonalize and ask
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    well pspersonalize doesnt eactually switch the backgrounds every month, the firmware does that on its own, personalize just switches the background images in the firmware that are already changed once a month. but still i am sure there is a way to make it change daily... you'd have to turn your psp OFF and ON tho at least once a day...

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    has there been any gundam games released in the u.s. yet?
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    I searched, only found Japanese ones ; _ ;.
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    i would love to see a u.s. verson of a gundam psp game
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