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    Can anyone please give me the original font file (ltn0.pgf, I believe)?
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    I uploaded the file for you

    here it is:

    Good luck


    I almost forget. You could do this yourself if you wanted in the future.

    1. Get the Sony 3.03 PBP update from

    2. get PBP unpacker (psp software) and OPEN the 3.03 PBP with PBP Unpacker.. And extract the .psar file. its right there in the middle of the window. just select it and click the "extract" button. It'll be a 16MB file.

    3. Put it on your memory Card root.

    4. Download PSAR Dumper for 3.03 .. And place it in your game or game150 folder just like any homebrew.

    5 run it from your memory card and it'll automatically recognize the file on your root..

    6. Press "SQUARE" to extract all..

    After its done it'll get you back to the xmb.

    Now go to the root of your memory card and you'll see a folder called "F0" Go in there and find your FONT file ..

    have fun.
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