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    hi all,im sure everyone has heard of RCOedit by now.and what im tring to do is change the opening logo which says sony entertainment.i use RCOEdit and i have the BMP size right ,which is 224 x 16,with the words i want on it.and when i put the open_plugin file back in psp and run it,it doesnt show ANYTHING,only the lines(which is kinda nice in its way)but i wana have my words in there.anyone know how to fix it????
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    if you dont kno what you are doing with the rco's DONT fuck with it you can brick your psp by doing these if you do i dont kno how to do that so you might wanna ask mime cause he might
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    Allows you to change your Volume Bar
    Shows you how to place a background on your psp with the wavy lines still in ithttp://
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    what is the color of the text you put in? was it saved as an 8 -bit bitmap? or 256 bitmap
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    well i already did some stuff with rco ,no big stuff yet,but cant get anyware with out trying ,so yeah the color of the font is white and dono i tired no back ground and also black background threw photoshop.its 32 bit sence thats what RCOEdit tells me to put.
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