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    i was thinking of creating a ps3 icon set for the psp and i was looking for nice screenshots of the ps3 xmb so i can cut the icons out and create some 32 bit icons with those,

    im currently looking myself also, but if someone as something nice please share

    ive found nice ones, but im lloking for some close up ones where i can really get the icons,

    im going to try to crop and resize these,

    i was looking for osmeon who has tv or somekind of program they can use to actually take screenshots, if you can get a nice camera pic without glare and stuff it be great too
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    This any help searched it on google images i bet u already saw it tho LOL.

    I have a ps3 but my digital camera ran out of battery's i'll recharge and see if i can help.

    Edit:Okay but my icons don't have that glossy look they are just normal like psp original icons. Maybe i need HD
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