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    If you brick from using a xmb wave, can you use recovery?
    What are the chances of putting on a xmb wave?
    Whats a gameboot, coldboot?
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    i don't think it is possible to totally brick by putting on a XMB wave.
    if you do, you always can revert to 1.5 via recovery mode, assuming you are using an OE firmware.

    cold boot= animation/sound displayed when you turn the psp on from being completely off

    game boot= sound/animation to replace the sony PSP animation thing you see evrytime you strart a game.
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    I did that with an XMB wave once... the wave just didn't show up, it still worked. If you screw up you can always just go into recovery and flash another wave, or re-flash the default wave.

    Gameboots are little videos that play when you run a game. The stock gameboot is the white screen that says 'PSP' when you run a game, gameboots replace that.

    Coldboots are the sound you hear at boot time when it shows the 'Sony Computer Entertainment' line and then the XMB waves start, coldboots replace that sound.

    Good luck...
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    You only 'SEMI' brick if a wave is faulty. (it does happen) but you wont ever 'BRICK" fully.

    Like they said, reflash the wave or your default wave and your done.
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    yup bro ive tried it also and all you have to do is go to recovery mode then replace the file with the original file and its all back to good again.just be careful in modding.make sure you know what your doing first and be sure to memorize your last action so that youll know what file to revert to original....
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    yup, alfox and mime speak the truth.

    i "bricked" once from an xmb. ( i deleted the file on the vsh/resource, then pasted the new one. when you should just replace) all i did was recovery, and then reflash original xmb onto it. make sure you backup your entire VSH files before you start.

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