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    Im very new to this, i have only just upgraded my psp to 3.03 OE-C about 3 days ago, and i have been trying to find some custom battery and volume bars to put on my psp. When i failed at that, i started to search this forum for some and came up empty handed so at this point i have decided to see if i can make my own but i have been searching the internet for hours now and cant seem to find any tuts on how to do it....

    Would it be possible for anybody to post a tut for making the custom battery and volume bars? thank you.
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    try maybe the tuts at psp-hacks?... thats where i found out
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    Alright thanks, ill start looking there right away
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    good luck on the search bro.if you still got no luck post here and il try to share you some of my collections...
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    Need help on 3.03 OE-A go there and scroll down to where it says battery and click on the download
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