Thread: Hey Mime Can You A Gundam Seed Xmb??????

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  1. #1 Hey Mime Can You A Gundam Seed Xmb?????? 
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    Mime Can You Make One??

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    Yes, he certainly can...
    But will he?

    Your not supposed to just post topics of this type, just goto the link and request one.
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    How odd Justin didnt close this, since there a request thread already, Thank him :P

    The thing is that I am not making any theme whatsoever from requests, making a theme takes time. Also I haven't seen Gundam at all, ive seen other robots anime though, Mazinger, Grendizer, NGE, rahzephon.. and a lot more, but never had the opportunity to watch tha one. Means I have no idea what icons I would use for it if I have no knowledge of the show. Too hard.

    The only theme I have to work now on is Justin's but I need images of what he wants. So I can do it.

    Good luck killeruio

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    yeah im clossing it now since i was in class when he made this..

    next time, please look at the request thread! thanks


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