Thread: Tutorials for Theme, Xmb Icons and Youtube(Not Streaming) EVEN A CAVEMAN COULD DO IT

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    I have seen many people request themes and I have done so to but then I decided to get off my lazy a** and sit down in front of the computer to look for tutorials on google and more...... here is what I found

    Just to let you know I have not tested any of these on my psp. it does not have a memory stick yet waiting for it in the mail $25 for a 2GB its worth it to me

    Try these at your own risk....YOU will be solely responseable for the outcome GOOD OR BAD

    Some useful info before you start for Newbies like me

    1. Those who don't know how to photoshop it explains it step by step
    Tutorial on Creating High Res Psp Xmb Icons
    for the above Tutorial you need.....
    You need to free up some space in your Flash0 memory Credit for the file/link goes to Alfox Thanks man
    RCO Editor V1.14B
    Photoshop (Have you heard of GOOGLE & ***EDITED***)

    2. Creating your personal themes (Not sure if this really works)

    3. How to copy YouTube videos to your PSP

    Check My Threads Out

    How to Install CW Cheats On Your PSP for PSP Games and PSX games Try This

    Your UMD Disk or Back Up iso/cso not working
    FIXED: "The game could not be started." (80010002)/(80020148) Try This

    Create Your Own PMF Files GAMEBOOT CINTROS Try This

    Tutorial: Using Photoshop To Improve Your PSP Wallpaper Try This
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    we already have these tutorials on this site, and i edited your idea where to find photoshop, since piracy is illegal on these forums, even ideas where to get things
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    Hey man, I have the tutorial for icons already. It's a sticky even.
    Justin wrote the customizing PSP one, and it's even in my sig.
    And the youtube is around here somewhere...

    Dude, It's great that you found tutorials or whatever, but this isn't needed. I personally wrote the icon tutorial that's on here.
    Don't post stuff that someone else has already done...
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