Thread: Can anyone create a black font?

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  1. #1 Can anyone create a black font? 
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    I realised all the xmb themes (collections) if have customised font, are white fonts. Can anyone create a black font as I do not know how to. The font type can be something like the MACVER3, or anything classic & elegant.

    Im using 3.03oec..

    Thank you.
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    ya i need help changing font color on 3.40
    2.0<2.71<3.11 (idiot)
    Trade 3.11 ta-082 for 2.71 non ta-082
    2.71<1.5<3.03OE-C<Sav-on<3.40OE-A<HypeBeast< iso loading problems<3.51 m33-4<3.52 m33< 3.52m33-4<4.01 m33<4.01 m33-2
    customizing help appreciated

    2.60<2.71<1.50<3.03 oe-c<3.52m33-4
    hardmodding in progress

    If it aint broken you haven't tried hard enough
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