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  1. #1 Request thread for Custom Eboot pics tutorial 
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    I would just like somone with alot of experiance to create a guide that is Sticky worthy for making eboot pics. I have been holding off on making a eboot for my breath of fire 4 unitl A: someone posts one or B: Somone shows me how to make my own

    I will be happy to make the thread myself if someone wants to walk me through the process. I have adobe photoshop cS2( not that I know how to use it well;p ) and would love to contribute to the pspmod forums with a good guide.
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    om mime he said he might open a request thread for the images which means he probably knows how to make them
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    customizing help appreciated

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    Kewl Kewl, Mime seems to have a pretty good understanding of the rocess judging from his eboot pics posted
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    I know how to do it...have any questions please ask... check out some of my eboots in the section

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    I just finished writing, now I've got to upload the pictures, and post.

    Edit: Here it is!
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