Thread: how does i change the waves, xmb, gameboot and icons?

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  1. #1 how does i change the waves, xmb, gameboot and icons? 
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    ive been reading or should i say going through other threads on how to change your gameboots, the sounds, and i want to change the opening when you turn on your psp, i was just wandering how do i do that? like what programs do you use to create them?do i need to have my psp in a custom firmware? right now i upgraded from 1.50(yeah i know i was stupid but i wasnt interested on all this stuff until now)> 2.82>3.03 and im looking for the unpatched version of GTA:LCS so i can downgrade to 1.50 and to 3.03 oe-x i dont know which one version to upgrade.
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    Look around, all the information you are looking for is around here.
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