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    I made my own coldboot
    and now i've copied over the opening_plugin.rco back into my vsh>resource folder
    but now when I boot up my psp there is no colldboot @ all
    it just goes straight to the menu

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    you have to make sure any welcome message is the correct size. also the sound has to be a certain format i think it has to be a .vag file but not sure.
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    Originally posted by slayer master
    What is firmware and how do u install it ?
    could you please explain it

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    All that^^ Plus a few other things too...
    PM me what you did, and I'll see if I can't help you.
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    make sure that you have it enabled in the recovery menu.
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    lols it had turned itself off in the recovery menu
    didnt think of that though
    once again <s^3>n3o you've come through with some words of wisdom

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