Now I understand about flash and how devastating it could be to ruin your psp, especially when you don't have money to burn. Well I found several things to help us noobs out. I searched the forum first but I didn't see anything on these so I figured why not help other noobs with wanting to customize without bricking their psp.

this is where I found Evolve XMB it apparently uses a plugin to redirect access to the flash (i might be saying it wrong) but here it is and the explanation of it


now you might find the link on the page but here is a place where you can get custom xmbs for the plugin


Put both folders in root

I hope this was helpful in some way. Yes I have used it and so far it seems to work really well. I have even open some homebrew and restarted the psp just to see if things got screwed up. So far so good.

almost forgot the other option was a theme manager PSP-hacks. The only thing I think with this is it comes with a predetermined set. I have this also and use it and it works well also. I just found out about the Evolve Xmb plugin.