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    Hi, i did read the guides and followed them but they don't work.

    I have 3.40 oe-a and i used the recovery menu to change the theme, i made a backup of the whole flash0 and flash1 first, then ovewrote the files -

    topmenu. rco
    impose. rco
    gameplugin. rco
    systemplugin. rco
    systemplugin fg. rco
    systemplugin bg. rco
    opening plugin. rco
    photo plugin. rco

    I put all those in vhf and thne resources,

    Then i put ltn0.pgf in the font folder,

    and i have a 01-12.bmp 480x272 file which i put in resources.

    I exit the recovery menu and the psp turns on with a new boots..... then the screen is white with just a battery.

    To fix it i have to go into my flash0 backup and put all the original resource files back and the original 01-12.bmp to get the old themes back.

    What am i doing wrong?? the theme is also called " black32 " from the QJ site.
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    you sure its a 3.40 theme, and not a 3.03? these themes work with youre version Post your 3.40 OE-A Customizations HERE!
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    Not sure exactly what it was for, it just said all firmare except 3.10

    Thanks for the other link though, ill try one of those packs instead
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    you did nothing wrong just go to themes settings/theme/and the one under original will be it and if ur using wallpaper put it to : DO NOT USE
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