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    Hi all. I have been a longtime lurker of pspmod and I finally decided to join your community. I have learned alot from you guys by reading informative thread after informative thread. Thank you all for your contributions, you have certainly made my experience with the PSP a fun one.

    I do have some rather noobish questions and I made sure to search the forum and check other threads before I posted. I have FW 3.40oe-a and I want to add icons and background images for my psx eboots. I have downloaded several images with the respective sizes for use as Icons and Backgrounds. How do you add the images to the eboot? I use popstation for the translation of iso to eboot and there is an option to put pics into the file before generation, but I guess Im not doing something right. Can someone please explain. Also, hidden icons... Corrupted Data icons annoy me!! I have no emulators or psx eboots on my memstick and there is still one ever present in the memstick folder under games. Is this due to the eboot within the recovery folder?? There are no other eboots on my memstick. I have the hide corrupt Icons option enabled in recovery (even states that it will not work for everything) and the Corrupted Data is still glaring at me! I even removed the test app prog for Cintros that I had put on the memstick to see if that was causing it and still a corrupted data Icon. Any tuts dedicated to either of these 2 questions. Any help is Greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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