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    I only loaded up one for now. You might have to save them and then open them up and print them with photoshop, otherwise they seem to come out a little small. This is the cover art from Iron Maiden's CD - Killers, they had some of the coolest cover art ever.

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    Probably the first psp hack thats worth doing
    So you have just got your new state of the art Sony PSP and now your wondering hum.... should i splash out more money on a wireless router so i can play real online enabled games such as Twisted Metal, or go cheap and get a USB adapter so you can play EVERY Ad-Hoc enabled games using a tunneling program such as Kai xLink.

    But what if there is a way in using the cheap usb adapter to do BOTH, well yes ther is!

    Any type of wireless adapter (such as DWL-122 usb adapter)
    Sony PSP
    Internet Connection

    Follow each step of this tutorial or well it simply wont work

    First go to Network Connections
    Enable your WiFi adapter

    Now right click on your default internet connection then click Properties

    Copy these exact settings

    Then now click ok , you must restart your connection

    Now you have done this go to the properties of your WiFi adapter, and then double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
    Now do these settings


    (Pic's poofed so I'll narrate =D)

    Use following IP Address:

    IP address: 192 . 168 . 0 . 1

    Subnet mask: 255 . 255 . 255 . 0

    Default Gateway: none.


    Note: If you have other network adapters that will conflict with the i.p then you can choose any ip between -

    Now press ok

    Still in the Wifi card properties click on the tab Wireless Adapters
    Copy below settings

    PSP_AULJS00001_L_0 is what Ridge Racers broadcasts the psp's ssid when hosting/scanning note this MAY be different for different games but i do not know as of yet, but even if th psp broadcast a different SSID it still should work.

    Now click on ADVANCED

    Now press Ok for both open windows and Disable then Re-enable your wifi card

    Now go to Set up a home or small office network

    Click next 3 times until you see this and choose your internet connection

    Now follow the setup

    Now you have done this you should see a new icon appear

    Now to your PSP

    In the menu go to Settings >>> Network Settings >>> Infrastructure Mode >>> New Connection

    Now you can set the name to anything you want
    Right Arrow
    Leave the SSID blank
    Right Arrow
    Now here in Address settings go to Custom
    Right Arrow
    Right Arrow

    Now insert these settings

    IP ADDRESS ---------- **
    NET MASK -------------
    PRIMARY DNS -------- *

    *This MUST to be the same as wot you set for the wireless adapter
    ** Must be between and but not same as Default Router

    Right Arrow
    Do Not Use
    Right Arrow
    Right Arrow
    Save settings

    Switch on WiFi switch

    Now test connection

    You should then see

    Connection Name: Connection 1
    Signal Strength: 1-100%
    SSID: PSP_AULJS00001_L_0
    BSSID: Your wireless adapter's mac address
    Channel: 11
    Encryption: None
    IP Address:
    Net Mask:
    Default Router:
    Primary DNS:

    Secondary DNS:
    Proxy Server: Do Not Use
    Internet Connection: SUCCEEDED!!

    These settings over-ride settings that teamxlink tell you to set-up but these settings still work so dont worry.

    BTW: Using this you can probably hook up more than one psp to your Wireless Adapter, just simply give each psp a different ip address

    for example

    psp 1 ===
    psp 2 ===
    psp 3 ===
    ... and so on..

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    some of the pictures aren't showing
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    ok but if u get internet wit a router anyways, but still great tutorial for noobs.
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    ^ That didn't really make sense, but i think i get what you're trying to say. Yes, if you get one of the most recent broadband packages it comes with a free router so you won't need this tutorial. But if you've had broadband for a while and it didn't come with a router and you're finding the cost of one a bit too pricey, this is a good way around it. It doesn't mean you're a noob if you don't have a router.

    @ Michaelp: They work fine for me. Maybe try clearing your cookies?
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