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    Hi folks,

    I recently bought a PSP for my 10 y/o sons birthday this coming Thursday. Like most kids he's a Simpsons fan through and through...

    So, I've got the PSP, its modded, 4gb MS....Then I saw the Simpsons theme Here

    I thought I would be able to convert it for 3.52 M33 myself using the conversion tool, unfortunately it doesn't work too well. The background image and gameboot seem to work fine, but some of the icons are either missing or corrupt

    I was wondering if someone would give me a hand, hell, I'll even pay for your time of need be.

    I'd like to hand this to my son on Thursday with all the fruit..

    I would appreciate any help someone may be able to offer.


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    The problem with that theme is the backgound file (01-12). It is not the right size. There for it makes your icons turn into white squares. Just use it as a wall paper instead of flashing it.
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