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    I have 3.40oe, just upgraded from 3.3.
    I'm using MIME's bleach theme. It works ok but my problem is I want to use a different wallpaper.

    So here's what's happening. When I set the wallpaper to the image I want,
    the 'Skip SCE logo' option becomes enabled, and when it does this, I have no coldboot.

    I set it to disabled, restart. I have the coldboot, but I've lost my wallpaper. I set the wallpaper again, restart, then lose the coldboot, same loop.

    I put the wallpaper back to the original that came with the theme, works with no problem. Tried other wallpapers, it has the no-coldboot problem. So far the only two wallpapers that work with the coldboot is the original one and a blue vista theme wallpaper. But any photos or other pictures, I get no coldboot. I tried naming it the same, removing the theme (using the original flash0 files). I just can't figure it out. The original bleach wallpaper is larger in Kb's than the one I want. And yet the one I want is larger than the blue vista wallpaper that also works. I tried it in jpg or bmp, still can't get it to work.

    Why in the world does the recovery option reset? Everything in the configuration page resets. Skip CPE logo, game folder homebrew, autorun program at /psp/game.....eboot.pbp, use no-cmd... they all reset when I change the wallpaper?

    Can anyone help a noobie here? tnx

    the first two images work, its the last one I want as the wallpaper
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    now, I'm not using any themes. I'm using the original flash0 files, reformatted my mem stick. And in addition to the problem, my tekken iso won't load. Only when using most wallpapers.

    It seems like when I change a wallpaper, all the settings in the recovery mode are set to enabled immediately, except for 2 or 3 wallpapers?

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I hope someone can help me out. I just want to have a personalized coldboot and wallpaper
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