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    Mime and Brittany can testify that I spent HOURS working on this last night and I finally found this tutorial that worked for me(it was the 3rd one I tried)

    This was posted by jackleone on and he got it from muratcan on psp-updates.

    Link to materials needed to make Custom Gameboots

    All in one file EXCEPT umdtools

    Badongo free file hosting and image hosting

    What you need:

    1.The Sony UMD Tools-REQUIRED (I think it's illegal to post a link for these, search yahoo)

    2.The MPS to PMF converter
    Loading Lead Generation Page...

    3.The MPS to PMF converter Update 8/7
    Loading Lead Generation Page...

    4.The Virtual Dub Mod video converter Files

    5.MP3 to WAV converter

    6.WinMenc video converter
    WinMEnc we go

    Step 1, WinMenc
    1: Open up WinMenc
    2: Go to add files
    3: Find the video you want to use
    4: Go to load profile
    5: Select PSP AVI profile
    6: Go to the audio tab
    7: Select no audio on the drop down menu
    8: Go to the video tab, and make sure the FPS is 29.970
    9: Go to the batch tab
    10: Select your output folder
    11: Hit encode
    12: Now go back to the audio tab
    13: Select MP3 from the drop down list
    14: Go to the video tab
    15: Select no video.
    16: Now go to batch and encode this.
    17: You should now have two files. The video and sound separate

    Step 2, WAV converter & Virtual Dub Mod
    1: Open up the WAV converter
    2: Go to add, then change file types to all
    3: Find the MP3 from your video
    4: Select output format as WAV
    5: Hit start
    6: That’s the audio out of the way
    7: Now open up virtual dub mod
    8: Go to file , then open video file
    9: Find the video part of your file
    10: Now go to save as
    11: Make sure its going to save as an AVI
    12: And that’s that. You now have the source files ready

    Step 3, Sony UMD Tools
    1: Open up the UMD Stream composer.exe
    2: Go to new
    3: Name it what you want. Click next
    4: Tick the PSP Movie format (for game) bit.
    5: Change the max clip size to 2mb or less
    6: Hit finish
    7: Go to video source
    8: Find your video file made earlier with Virtual Dub Mod
    9: Go to audio source
    10: Find the WAV you made earlier with the MP3 to WAV converter.
    11: Now go to run at the top
    12: Choose encode + multiplex
    13: Hit start
    14: Well done the .mps has been made

    Step 4, .mps to .pmf Converter
    1: Go to My Documents (well yours)
    2: Go to the UMD Stream composer folder
    3: The .mps file is in here somewhere (I forget where exactly!)
    4: Now rename the .mps file to gameboot. (intro if we're talking coldboot)
    5: Put it in the same directory as the .mps to .pmf converter
    6: Run the converter (Click Run Me)
    7: And your gameboot.pmf should be created (intro.pmf if we're talking coldboot)

    Put the Coldboot in your system/intro folder with the other cintro files

    I apologize in advance to the mods if I posted something I shouldn't have, posting any kind of tut is new to me.
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    3.51>pandoras battery>1.50>3.40 oe-a

    See my fist guide on how to make a .PMF file here!
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    umm.. good guide
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    I tried this but it didnt work , i think ill give it another go

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkheart13
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    yeah its how you do it but to bad sony umd tools prog. does not work on windows vista home premium.
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    hey i'm on 3.71 M33 slim(looking for update with no luck) I'm using a ptf theme, can I take and use a gameboot from the Ultimate Blue on my fat 3.52 M33-4 and use it on my slim?
    3.03 TA-089>3.10 OE-A>3.52 M33-4 & PSP Slim 3.60>3.60 M33>3.71 M33>3.71 M33-2
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    does every body know that umd tools is like hard as s|-|it to find
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    i found it so anybody need it pm me
    or try to contact me at
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    Nice guide Xtra!
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    hey Xtra thanks a lot for the guide now i dont have to search like a maniac on the web looking for cintro/gameboot...i really appreciate you sharing all the hard work. I followed your guide and i even made my first cintro (the whole street fighter IV trailer) but the thing is that i have to press a button for it to send me in the psp menu. i was wondering if i did something wrong, how come it doesnt automatically transfer to the menu?

    again thanks for effort in creating this guide
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    yeah i have windows vista and i have to keep booting into xp to make a pmf and sometimes i dont have everything ready and i have to wait again to go back to vista and finish shit but i know how now made a cool pmf for thrill kill

    and umd tools isint even hard to find if you know where to look
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    good guide
    look at my woo-hoo on my sig
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    yes its at the bootom
    psp history>1.00>1.50>2.71>3.02>3.52>3.71>3.71>3.80>3. 90>holy crap i can downgrade wit pandora>1.50>3.02 oe-a>3.10 oe-a>3.52 m33-3>3.52 m33-4>3.71 m33-2 w/ 1.50 kernal>3.71 m33-4 >bricked>3.71 m33-2 >3.80 m33>3.80 m33-2>3.80 m33-4>3.90 m33>3.90 m33-2>3.90 m33-3>bricked>pandora to 3.80 m33-2>3.90 m33-3 w/ 1.50 kernal>bricked changing theme>pandora 3.80 m33-2>3.90 m33-3>4.01 m33>4.01 m33-2

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    UMD tools is actually very easy to find. I found it today first try. Just check the torrent sites. It should be like 27MB
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    Can't seem to find the PSP AVI profile, all I see are PSP MP4s and PMPs... am I doing something wrong?
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    In newer versions of WinMenc it is not there..find an older 61 I believe.

    Quote Originally Posted by iedwardsIII
    In the words of DFS, go die.

    PSP Motherboard F.A.Q. Coldboot Tutorial

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