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    Is your Fat/Slim PSP Bricked or you have deleted the Flash0 Folder by mistake don't worry follow this Guide to get your Flash0 or an Bricked PSP Back!

    Do you have a PSP Slim? If so the only solution you have is using Dark_Alexs Universal Unbricker which you can get HERE. You will need to make a Pandora Battery first then modify the magic memory Stick with the files above.

    If you have a FAT PSP then folow the guide below...

    You will need to go HEREand download the recovery folder.

    Go into Recovery Menu and toggle the USB so you can connect the PSP to PC via USB.

    Now extract the recovery file you downloaded and drag the RECOVERY folder it extracted to the /PSP/GAME folder.

    Now disable the USB toggle and then go to RUN PROGRAM AT/PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP

    This will recover you back to 1.50 firmware. You will now need to upgrade to 3.52 M33-4 then 3.71 M33-2 custom firmware (If you happen to have a Pandora battery it would be quicker using the above universal unbricker to get back to 3.71 M33-2)

    After you get updated back to 3.71 M33-2 make sure you back up your flash0 properly. Below is a guide for doing this...

    The correct way to backup 3.71 M33/M33-2 files is by enabling flash0 via Recovery Menu (Don't flash your XMB via VSH menu or you will semi-brick).

    When the flash0 window comes up on the PC go to Tools> Folder Options> View Tab>...

    Tick the radial that says (show hidden files and folders)

    Untick the box that says (Hide Protected Operating System files).

    Click on Apply then OK.

    Now drag the flash0 files over to PC to back them up (Make sure the steps above are also done when recovering your flash0 files).

    make sure your using a custom XMB that is comaptible with 3.71 M33-2 custom firmware.
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    My Guides:
    [GUIDE] Unbrick/Recovery Flash0 (Slim+Fat) PSP
    [GUIDE] Custom RCO/XMB Names XMB
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    Already been posted buddy. Sorry.
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    all i wanted to do today was setup irshell on my psp so i could play games from my pc through wifi
    i downloaded irshell.. realized that irshell cant load iso/cso for 3.52 M33-4
    so i reinstalled 3.52 M33 to the original firmware
    there was no problem during the reinstall and i looked to see that it said 3.52 m33 instead of 3.52 m33-4 after i finished so i was very happy..
    i restarted my psp a few times to try to get irshell to run my cso and it finally worked when i disabled umd auto-run.
    so i played killzone online for a lil bit and after the match. i turned my psp off by holding the power switch.
    i wanted to play another game so i turned the psp back on and now its a semi-bricked...

    i don't even know WHY its semi-bricked but thats not the main issue.
    i found a recovery guide on how i can fix it bcuz i can still enter recovery mode.
    i downloaded the recovery files and they are in the right place since it was a automatic installer and they are named correctly.
    so when i start psp.. i scroll down to "run program at /psp/game/recovery/eboot.pbp and NOTHING happens... it does not go black.. the memory stick does not blink.. the sp does not restart... the screen just freezes and i don't know why.
    i know this problem has been fixed before so i hope someone can help
    why does "run program at /psp/game/recovery/eboot.pbp" freeze my psp?

    was my custom firmware originally messed up from the start so now the recovery doesnt work?

    here is how its setup
    this is whats in the recovery folder
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    Dude no need to post the same thing again.

    Quote Originally Posted by iedwardsIII
    In the words of DFS, go die.

    PSP Motherboard F.A.Q. Coldboot Tutorial

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    your recovery folder link doesnt work please post another link or tell me where i can download it...and also is it for 3.80m33?
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    you cant run eboot at psp/recovery on 3.71m33
    GOOGLE is your friend, use it
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    I can't even use recovery menu,so how can i do then?
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    this is sooo in the wrong section, and its already been posted.
    Currently busy with summer stuff, semi-inactive till later

    hope that helps, AJ

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    Yes, i'm a PSP Noob ..
    I'm using the CFW 3.90 M33-3
    I was messing around w/ some themes stuff on Flash0 yesterday
    and mine was bricked.
    I followed the direction above, but it still didn't work
    Can somebody tell me the solution for this problem?
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