Thread: i need help with making a coldboot, ive looked at about 20 guides

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  1. #1 i need help with making a coldboot, ive looked at about 20 guides 
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    i have photoshop
    i dont know which one, i just know its from 1999, cuz it says so in the copyright
    i open a new file
    set pixels to 224 by 16, and do it in grayscale
    make the background black
    enter text, white, saying
    "Welcome, BoogieDiamondz"
    without the quotes of course
    save it
    it wont save as a bitmap
    save a copy
    save a copy as a bitmap
    its named coldboot_text.bmp
    go to RCO editor
    open up a decrypted opening_plugin.rco
    it came with a theme that i have previously flashed to my psp
    go down to the text or what ever
    i know its the picture of the text that shows when it boots up
    go to replace
    choose my coldboot_text.bmp
    then it says, file must be 4, 8, or 32 bit
    how do i convert it, change it, or recreate it being a 32 bit bmp?
    i would like color, if its a possibility, but i havent had luck grayscale, so i dont think changing to RGB is gonna help
    please, help me out, anyone, im getting desperate, ive been trying to do this for two days!
    thanks in advance
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    follow the tutorials you need to change the attributes.
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    i would suggest using gimp for coldboots

    its soo much easier

    i have your coldboot done but im on my psp now
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