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    i need one, and i cant think of the one i want
    it supports either 23 or 24 themes at once, i cant remember, and its like black and white
    i believe it works with 3.90 m33-2
    if anyone can point me in the right direction, id appreciate it
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    is there a CXMB for 3.80 m33? </hijack>
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuMB3Rs View Post
    is there a CXMB for 3.80 m33? </hijack>
    i think its only for 3.71m33/3.90m33
    if you want to use this plugin you just upgrade to 3.90 its worth it... when you can change themes in seconds without touching your flash... no fear of bricking your psp....
    i bricked my psp then unbricked it....

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