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    Hey folks! I have been working on psp backgrounds for the last couple of days and produced these:




    im new to this type of stuff so go easy on me!
    Wat u guys think of them?
    I will take requests if you would like one made.
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    they look good mate well done - the halo 3 ones look slick.

    Maybe work on an Assassins Creed one or a Call of Duty one?
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    Nice, i been making my own on photoshop too, lookin good.
    O RLY?
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    Your on a good start.

    SB and Shadow could use something else in the background... a pic
    on white background is a lil boring. google some nice brushes to use in P.Shop
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    and white BGs are too bright
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    the one right under the first halo one is nice.
    mind attempting to make a HITMAN themed one?
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