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    Jun 2007
    So what do you think ?
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    Senior Member PSP Mad Hacker
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    Dec 2007
    very sexy. good work. 10/10
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    its nice, but i think you need more c4d's, the black BG is lonely
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    it's nice! perfect nice mirror effect!!!

    btw how did you do that mirror effects give us some tips bro se_p800?
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    Dec 2006
    Very nice!!!

    maybe on the sig cut that mirror in half like on your avatar...

    Refresh for more Sigs

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    Senior Member PSP Mad Hacker se_p800's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Yay cheers for the comments guys! and thanks for the tips aswell!

    malufet666777, try these:

    Reflections Photoshop Tutorial
    Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Reflection with Photoshop CS - Digital Camera Reviews & Photography Tips
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    I'm Pitching A Tent PSP Elite Hacker Chriscyco30's Avatar
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    Extra sexy man, nice. The glow is sizzling hot!

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