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    Aint it amazing, how crazy, the hood dun made me
    Feels like my emotions are froze
    I stay G'd Up
    Its the things that I seen
    And the shit ive been through that made my heart turn cold
    I stay G'd Up,
    I'm a gangsta ya find out fo sho if u eva step on my toes
    I stay G'd Up,
    When im hangin' out tha window wit that AK
    Fillin ya punk ass wit holes
    I stay G'd Up

    click this link damnit...
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    thank fuck you were banned. why wasnt this deleted/locked?
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    this dosnet make sence

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    whats not to get, he's a retard
    (='.'=) This is bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your
    ('')_('') signature to help him gain world domination!
    ! life is but a dream,you know row row your boat and blood forms a stream.
    check out these sick mod pics for psp...
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