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    YouTube - I'll take a potato chip - and eat it!

    i'd like all but the last half of the last second.(all but where the music begins.)

    into a Cintro and gameboot please.

    YouTube - Death Note: L Dies (American Version)
    length: 1:24-2:00
    i have custom firmware 4.01m33-2 so i need the RCO edit thing.

    another to be cintro and gameboot:
    YouTube - Death Note live action movie 2: The Last Name English Trailer
    and make it from 19.5 seconds(right where it shows the guy laying down.) to 31.75(before the girl screams "just kill me" i dont want that part in it.)

    and again i have 4.01m33-2 so please make the edit to extend please
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    i dont think anybody over here still does these. i asked the same question
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