Thread: Gameboots for 5.00 M33 And Lower Firmwares (Works on 5.02 GEN-A!)

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  1. #1 Gameboots for 5.00 M33 And Lower Firmwares (Works on 5.02 GEN-A!) 
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    Gameboots for 5.00 M33 And Lower Firmwares


    Feel Like No Other

    Crytek Logo

    DivX Logo

    Playstation 3 Universe



    Kobe Bryant - If You Really Want It || NOTE: This is a Cintro for PSP

    More to Come!

    Download it Here!
    Feel Like No Other by BlackCode
    Crytek Gameboot by BlackCode
    DivX Gameboot by BlackCode
    Playstation 3 Universe Gameboot by BlackCode
    Playstation Gameboot by BlackCode
    Xbox Gameboot by BlackCode
    If You Really Want It Cintro by BlackCode

    *NOTE*: For LOWER Firmwares, the opening_plugin.rco included is for 5.00 m33 only, don't use it on lower firmware or you'll might get a BRICK. So to be sure, if you want to use it on lower firmwares you can use the gameboot but use your own, again, YOUR OWN opening_plugin.rco (depending on your current firmware) and edit it using RCO Editor by Zinga Burga.

    Change the Delay to:

    3300 for the Feel Like No Other Gameboot
    8000 for the Crytek Gameboot
    4195 for the DivX Gameboot
    1002 for PlayStation 3 Universe Gameboot
    2200 for PlayStation Gameboot
    11500 for Xbox Gameboot

    How To Install Cintro On PSP the Easiest Way! (Works on 5.02 GEN-A below)


    Files Needed:
    AutoStart V5

    See below on how to change the length of gameboot using RCO Editor.

    RCO Editor by Zinga Burga

    Step 1: Open RCO Editor

    Step 2: Open your opening_plugin.rco (depending on your current firmware)

    Step 3: Go to the Anim Data Tab

    Step 4: Scroll down until you get into the anim_gameboot_movie and select the 3rd Delay

    Step 5: Click the number on the right side (which is 3300 at the moment) and click Change button and set it into the length you want. After that click OK and you're done.

    Me, Myself and I for the gameboots and tutorial
    Zinga Burga for the RCO Editor

    AND NOTE: I am also known as BlackCode, just so you know.
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    nice i love new gameboots for gen-a

    "I've known since yer in ya moma's womb"
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    personally there needs to be more extended gameboots since i use the plugin for 20 gameboots.i have a couple extended and a lot rest short causing a loop over effect due to me wanting to be able to see the full extended gameboots.
    if there were more extended gameboots,then i could fill up the 20 for them and be able to make a decent delay time.i may still cut off some of the extendeds but not as bad as when i got the short gameboots looping
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    that's why there's a opening_plugin included for the delay problem. just disable your plugin if you don't want the looping thing. but if you want to stick with your plugin then there's nothing i can do.
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