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    As some know I have been looking for a custom banner, I didnt want any pictures copied I wanted it hand drawn but no one could. Found somebody that offered to draw me the picture for $20. Got it back in 2 days and it was exactly what I wanted. Below is the image. The only things I added is the text above and below the images, 'LooneyElectronics', and the 'Looney' tattoos on his arms. Let me know what you think. This image is now the homepage banner/image for the site.

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    Great, but hard to read 'Looney Electronics'
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    i think that image is pretty sick.
    i like stuff like that.
    but i think this would almost be considered advertising.
    but i dont really care because in my book, its all about the image.
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    i like it, it reminds me of that show, 'superjail'
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    It doesn't really look like a web banner...
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    It's bad Banner. but like an advertisement
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