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    I just made a sig using GIMpP and now I'm confused on how to make it into BB code a put it in as my signature.. can anyone help pls?
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    well you can post any of your sig related questions in the sig request thread.
    I would reccomend posting there for anything related to sigs because thats where most of us look at first.

    Anyway, you need to upload it to photobucket or some image hosting site, then copy the IMG code into the signature window in your user CP.
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    Save it on your Desktop.
    go to TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
    upload your pic.
    take the url where [IMG] is shown* and paste it into your signature (use your UserCP)

    *you can also take the last link, paste it in your signature and put [IMG] infront of the link and [/IMG] after the link.
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