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    Welcome to the Wonderfull experience called the "Shoebox Collection" in this astonishing collection expect to see absoloutley no company parodies or any Bee's,
    What you can expect to see is some astonishing shoeboxes all of which tell an awsome story about anything in the world!!
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Mike Shoebox:

    The story behind this amazing box is that there is a pair of shoes,
    It is also about a company named Mike an incredibly popular brand with a logo in the shape of a "tick" this logo is approving the breath-taking contents inside the box,
    Basicly Mike know they are good and will continue to make really cool red shoeboxes without random placement's of words and Bee's,
    And if they ever do decide to make that fatal mistake then I will arrive at thier managers door armed from head to toe.
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Fike Circle Shoebox

    Recently the Shoebox buisness has been very boring,
    Untill a third party company named "Fike" released a new type of shoebox,
    This was a circular shoebox and it was extremly innovative people around the nation were absoloutly astonished by this idea,
    These shoes sold like hotcakes just because the shoebox was in a circular shape,
    Untill Mike and Numa released the "Triangular Shoeboxes this began a new era of Shoeboxes,
    This lead to the "Shoebox Wars" which is still going on today,
    Funny thing is that the Fike shoes are the same as the Mike shoes they didn't even bother to change the logo clearly saying Mike.
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Bee.Hive Shoebox

    The story behind this medicore box is that this too has a pair of shoes inside,
    But these shoes are not amazing they are infact the opposite,
    These shoes are very cheap and the "Bee.Hive Company" are now greatly in debt after selling only two pairs of these shoes,
    The rest of which were donated to "Oxfam" and even there no-one has bought them,
    I think the main reason why people never bought these shoes is because they were made out of paper and glue,
    It is still uncertain how the manager of this company actualy sold 2 pairs of shoes,
    According to Wikipedia the pairs both sold on April Fools day but even as a joke who would spend 25 pence on shoes like that??
    Basicly these shoes are low quality shoes that were only ever bought as a joke and in result ended up in a Charity Shop.
    __________________________________________________ __________

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    What the fuck is this thread for.
    It looks like it needs to be locked..

    Tell me, in a length that's not going to bore me, why I shouldn't lock this.
    Rules, rules, rules. WinRAR
    The most important thread you'll ever read..

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    Its a joke.
    Lock it if you wish :P

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    haha shoeboxes
    is that where you keep your dead cat collection?

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