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    Hey guys, welcome to my easy tutorial to do reflections, Credit goes to ReaClay38 who taught me.

    Step 1:
    Get image you want to add a reflection to.. heres mine

    Step 2:
    Make a new canvas (ctrl + n) and set the width the same but double your height (you can vary the height later on, after you learn the tut)

    Step 3:
    Copy image..

    Then paste it on the other canvas (the bigger one) then Anchor it. Should look like this

    Step 4: (Basically the same as step 3) Make a new layer and paste it. Anchor layer. Move the layer down, leaving about 1 - 3 pixel gap between the top layer.

    Step 5: Using the FLip tool, flip the bottom layer VERTICALLY!

    Step 6:
    Add layer mask (on the flipped layer) Copy what this says..

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    Step 7: Using the Gradient(Blend) Tool click upwards from the bottom of the flipped layer ..
    Like so.

    Keep Chopping away until you find the write length you want!

    Step 8: on the flipped layer, set the opacity to 65, you can mess around with it, i like it at 65

    Step 9: Okay then merge the layers together.. VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THAT otherwise GG

    Step 10: Done, save it as a .png and just press okay n shiz..!

    Finished product should like something like this..

    Thanks for checking it out..

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    Cool, thanks for the "How to"...

    this should be in the tutorial thread though eh?
    Refresh for more Sigs

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