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    Me and a friend took some 4-5 hours shooting these things from the top of buildings to where you see now. If you ever played COD4 you would know how hard they are to move, and next time you play chinatown, look for the computers and think of us.

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    ha ha, thats funny
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    At first I thought "Wow, this guy has a really good computer to have those beautiful graphics" and then I saw you play on the PS3......

    Either way, beautiful. Truly. lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitochondria View Post
    Fucker. When i came on, you left.
    well we figured you wouldnt believe us and would start moving our non seeable computers. As you cant see someone elses, and we already spent at that time like 4 hours moving them. Plus we were basically done and tired as hell, and I had to wake up early this morning, and this is early....Im just trying to wake up right now.

    And yeah, they are good graphics huh? My computer can still play it at that resolution, I just like consoles better.

    We fought wether those computers were a mac or a PC.
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    Was this after I got off? I wish I coulda' been in the back hiding or something. Like, "I spy". OMG OMG OMG IDEA!!!! We should put a bunch of random shit all over a level, take a picture, make a list of the hidden items, and demand everyone look for them!
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