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    i have photoshop cs4 and ive no idea how to make a sig with a little movie clip on it that repeats. can anyone tell me or point me to a tut? i have windows xp. thx.
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    they are called animated GIF's try searching for one on google they are hard to make, at least for me
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    I think there will be a program for turning video files into a .gif image and using one you would be ablle to select the part you want from a movie and then build around it.

    Otherwise you can probably find .gif's from a movie by simply googling something along the lines of "(insert movie) .gif images"
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    The only way I know how to make one in Photoshop is to either import a video into it, which will come out a frames in the animation panel. From there you can delete and "edit" them.

    The other way is if you're going to create you own, just use layers.
    Layer 1 - Frame 1
    Layer 2 - Frame 2
    To convert them to frames, just open animation panel and click the top right square/icon/thing and go down to "import layers as frames" or something like that. Once you're done editing it, don't use "Save as..", instead use "Export for Web" and select gif.

    I think thats accurate enough.
    If not, sorry not on my comp. w/Photoshop.

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