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    Hi all
    i am new to the whole sig making and just started today, so i thought that i would put a couple up and see what you all thought please comment:
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    Check out the first link in my sig for a great tutorial, and also this link
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    Points for posting in the DA thread!

    hmm lets see..

    uh huh..

    Not bad, basic stuff... your playing with the filters so that's good.

    What are you using? Photoshop/Gimp?
    Here's some good tuts, and also what BB posted..
    The Sig Thread - Request/Show Off Sigs

    Welcome to the Club... Build up that skillz and maybe you can enter our Sig of the Week Contest.
    Refresh for more Sigs

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    Welcome to the fun world of sigs, Try out other sites centered around signatures.
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