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Thread: SOTW #45 Vote thread

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  1. #1 SOTW #45 Vote thread 
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    Oct 2009
    Now, this SOTW is less centered on skill. All of the entrants chose something that was a relevant topic in their life, be it a famous person from their area, wildlife, or a relevant location. Now, with that being said, which one of us actually portrayed their piece the best? In alphabetical order:


    For this one, I chose Maurice Greene. He was an Olympic sprinter in the 100, 200, and on the 4x1 relay in the mid-late 90s till the mid 2000s. He was born in Topeka, but eventually moved to Wichita. He played football and ran track for Wichita-East High, and then went to college at KU. Every year at KU relays during his career, he would run unattached with the college kids (its a college and high school meet) and one year I qualified to go and I got to meet him. Wichita is like 45 minutes away from where I live.


    Chose the Florida Black Bear. My highschool mascot was the Florida Black Bear, we were the Bayside Bears.
    Even though that school was terrible and I have no school spirit towards any of their athletics, the bear is at least a bad ass.
    I didnt even take Senior Pictures, or go to a single Prom or Homecoming.

    Major Zero:

    I picked The Rock cuz, I couldn't find a cool pic of the Golden Gate. I did my time here for 5 mins, it was part of the tour. This maximum security prison once held the baddest of the bad and cold hearted killers. Once built to be a major defensive fort from foreign invaders, then converted to a prison. The Rock has under gone 3 to 4 restorations, this island and it's buildings are falling apart. Just like the Golden Gate and the Statue of Liberty, we need to keep these historical landmarks alive and visited.


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    I'm a big fan of Alcatraz, it's one of the most interesting and scary places on the earth IMO, I just can't get over that washed out spot in the middle of the sig.

    vote goes to Big man.

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    Anybody who gives props to the SF Bay gets my vote. Good job Major Zero

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    Maurice Greene oh yes.

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    Nov 2009
    Hmm....yogi bear or the battle-place of X-Men United(horrible movie)......

    I will pick the black guy who achieved something.

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    Dec 2009
    Big Boss got my vote

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Free Man View Post
    washed out spot in the middle of the sig.
    yeah it looks different on different screens... on my PC it's looks fuckin sweet. but on my laptop and Iphone it does looked like a huge white glob in the middle... I just can't predict how the views will see some of my work...

    I don't expect to win this one lol my sig sucks ass lol
    Refresh for more Sigs


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