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    I'm telling you... Admin needs to set new user priviledges so they can only post in noob forums... the amount of spam on this site is getting pretty bad =/

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."


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    haha, especially after the onslaught of spam last night, seriously, wtf.

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    but notice its a play station 3 not a playstation 3
    Quote Originally Posted by BLACKOUT
    we do not discuss isos because they are illegal, end of story.

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    GOOGLE Is Your Friend!
    Halo 3 Rox! Besides the fact that it's for Xbox. Touche Microsoft.

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    Yeah but even if you do have so only senior membors can post in the Non-Noob forums idoit's will just post like mad to get there post's up and re spam...There really isnt a way to get the noobs to use the search button and of course google haha best site ever, Unless there's like a noob placement test that you could take as a quiz to prove your not a total noob haha

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    what we can do as moderators is to ante up the punishment for spamming or any stupid behaviour.. start tempbanning/banning idiots until people understand what they can and cannot do on this forum

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    the problem is, I don't think people really care if they get banned or not. they just make an account, spam once, then prolly never log back in again. If they do get banned, they'll just create another account and get banned again. what we need to do is hunt them down and put a horse head in their bed, lol

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    no throw a lobster in their sheets while slepping..

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    Sorry Fubar, it now looks like you started this thread. It was actually started by some spammer and i tried to move all of his threads to the spam section but instead it just moved all of his posts, so the first person to reply appears to be the thread starter. I am just going to lock this...
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