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    Curious how do you guys/gals like ?? i know its just skiing and snowboarding. hows graphic ? similar to PS2 ??

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    No one buys a crappy game like that

    j/k never played it and i dont realy plan on it.
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    hey i bought it and i played it then i traded it back in for dead to rights i didnt like either game buy socom and play it online its a lot of fun
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    Personally, I liked the game. I would have to say though, that the game is really hard after a while. But, your hearing this from a 13 year old.

    It is a fun game though
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    if ur trying to find a cool way to waste 20 something bucks go buy ssx tour.
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    Never Played...
    But sounds interesting?
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    I thought it was a great game...played it for many hours. Don't hate on a game you haven't played. Honestly, if you liked the PS2 will like SSX Tour. If the PS2 version wasn't your kinda game...I wouldn't chance liking the PSP ver.
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    I pretty much agree with Chris3d. In my opinion, it's got good graphics, good gameplay, and is rather addictive. The only reason I stopped playing it, I seem to recall, was because I bought another game, that I also wanted to play. I think.
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