Game Title : Syphon filter: dark mirror
Game Description :Syphon Filter dark mirror is in my opiniion the bets game to hit the PSP. You are cast as agent Logan who has to uncover a plot that could be detrimental to humanity. Although the game is pretty cliché in speech and plot…gameplay is simply amazing. Once you start the story mode, you wont be able to stop. With plenty of guns and visons (ie. Night & infrared), the game is not repetive at all. With great graphics for a handheld, and steller FPS controls, Dark Miror is a great game. The only negatives would have to be the multiplayer which no one seems to be on and the abrupt end to the game.
Number Of Players : 1 player campaign
Genre : Action Shooter
Retail Price : 19.99
Graphics out of 10 : 9
Sound out of 10 : 9
Controls out of 10 : 9
Gameplay out of 10 :10
Overall out of 10 :9.25