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    Happy New Year!

    So I've been playing FF7 for the past few days, and I'm finally done with the first disc. Problem is, when I load up my disc 2 eboot, I can't locate my save files.

    I've read that I have to make the game ids similar and all that shizz, but I have no idea how to. Can you please help me by coming up with a step by step procedure that I can follow? I really love this game, and any help would be awesome.

    PS: I don't have the original ISO of this game, just 3 eboots of the 3 disks.
    PSS: I don't have programs to make eboots and the like.

    Thank you!
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    i also have FF7 eboot but the one i have is one eboot 3 dics.
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    Ok.... i will try to help. I have ff7 also (for psp) and it's in # different folders for each disk. Each folder goes in the game 150 or game folder (cant remeber which). At the end of each disk, it let's me save just before the insret next disk screen. Yours must do that i think. Also cheack to make sure your save file is in the right directory in your psp. EX: psp-save-here. I would give you disk two but i think it might be against the rules and i deleted it after beating it.

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    Here is a good way to do it. What you do is get to the part where it says "Insert Disk 2". Put your PSP to sleep. Take out the memory stick and do not turn on your PSP until I say so.

    Put your Memory stick into a card reader for the PC. If you don't have one...Stop now because the rest of the guide won't help... Anyway. Delete the other file and put new one in and make sure the file name for the second disk is the same as the first disk. Once that is done...Simply insert your memory stick into your PSP and bring it out of sleep. Hit X (I believe) and it should read it. Do the same thing for Disk 3 and you should be all set. If you need further help let me know.
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    Yes listen to khaos that is deffinatly a worthy soultuion to your problems lol
    you should have put them all in one eboot in the first place
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    Also, if the SLUS ID # is different for each disk, the PSP will not detect the save from disk to disk.

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