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    just got me a PSP and can't wait to crack it open. New to the whole Console modding crap. I've been custom building PC's for almost 6 years now. You can see some of my work @ Yoshi's Forums. I really want to mod an old school XBOX; but gonna wait till i can find one for super cheapo! I'll try not to make myself look like an ass while im here too.

    Oh yeah, anyone know some good ways to learn to Solder? I can weld but never had the chance to pick up soldering.
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    Welcome to the forum. The best way to learn to sodder is to pick up a soddering gun/pen and go to work. Don't start off soddering expensive things, just do some basic wiring with cheap switches from radio shack. Wire up a switch to a power supply and a light or something very basic and keep trying new things and you will gain skill and confidence quickly.
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