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    Allright so i just got myself a psp for christmas and im pretty happy with it. It is a 2.71fw with the ta-082mobo. I have a few questions so i can get started.

    First: I have games on my computer(ISO) that are original games i own them. My question is can i run them straight off of my memory card by just droping them in the game folder or do i need to download something.

    Second: I also have a few emulators and was wondering if i would need anything to run these.

    Third: I havent searched these forums yet but was just wondering if anyone new of a site so i can learn more about dev hook, hen d, and things like that? I know that if i run the 2.71 downgrade then upgrade to 3.02 that i dont need dev hook.

    Well i plan on running the downgrader here in a few days so hope everything goes well just wanted to get use to the psp. I have modded before as i have a xbox with a Executor-3 so this isnt all new to me. Hope to get in these forums and help out once i get more expierence. Also hey to everyone hope to have some fun here.
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    1) Yes, you need a custome firmware or some sort of ISO loader to play iso's and cso's.

    2) You just have to drop your emu's into your GAME folder, but it has to be a 1.5 to play them

    3) This site has EVERYTHING you need to know about ANYTHING psp related, just look around. Don't take the easy way out (asking in a thread) until you've searched yourself.

    BTW, welcome to the forums =)
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