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    Hey Guys My Name is Garrin.

    I have been watching this forum since Thanksgiving, I usually watch a Forum for a while before I start posting, So I won't look like a COMPLETE Noob. You guys have helped me alot without even knowing it. I use the search section to browse the knowledge base, and answer all my questions I will try to help as much as I can. I have been gaming since Atari and never left the scene I am 22 and I am from Branson, Missouri. I hope to fit in around here, I have alot of gaming skill but all this talk about Firmware and versions leave me in the dreamcast age LOL I hope we can learn from each other.


    2 ps2
    1 xbox
    1 N64
    1 NDS
    1 Xbox 360
    1 Ps3
    2 PSP's
    3 PC's

    I also posted all my pics in the "Anything Goes Here > Show Off Everything You Own" Thread Check it Out!!!!
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    No Wii? Common Man!
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    Welcome to the Forums
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