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    Hello, and Happy New Year.

    I originally purchased my PSP to play games and watch movies while I traveled. I don't travel much anymore, and I want to tinker with this thing.

    I've been poking around, reading the FAQs and such. You've a good website here - many of my questions are already answered. That said, I'm off to do some learning.

    See you around, and thanks.

    PS - My sig isn't too big, is it?
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    Thanks for searching before asking.

    Welcome to the Forums
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    Well Welcome to the forums and thx for searching and if you need any questions then just post it here hopefully you dont have a Ta motherboard thats over 2.7 fw and if you dont hopefully you dont have a non TA motherboard with a fw higher than a 2.8 fw

    btw bo your sig aint big

    Click the image above to play this fun fun game! and remember to put the referal number 6506 and the promo code 6506!
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    welcome to the forums!

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