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    Ok here goes my name is john cooley from central illinois home of the UofI Champaign Urbana 36years old total noob help me please i have lurked and have read the posts but im scared to brick my toys. I posted these to julie personally and feel bad for it sorry julie, also sorry for the 16 year old crack. I know there are alot of 16 year olds who know way more than me and i will respect them and their help and advice also i know there are older ppl on here as well please help me through this ppl before i drive julie nuttier than a squirl turd

    Ok i talked to you before about my pspthe new one i bought and my brother told me i should do all the updates, well i went to eb games and found a used psp with 1.5 .I know it's of no concern to you and mabey you don't have the time just let me know if thats the case. I need a tutor please help me i will wait to hear from you on this. i just need someone to walk me through putting everything i want on my psp so i can do all the good stuff emulators and so forth. Secondly im not sure how old this psp is here is the info i have pp115544352-psp1001 on your tutorial on how to find out what motherboard you have that was way clear to me i had no trouble with the id on my store bought new console but this used one when umd drive is open and looking into it at the spot where the number is supposed to be there isint one so it's pretty old right? Imean it doesnt even have the web option on it to get on the internet i hope i did'nt screw up and get too old of a model can i do anything with this one and will you help me and walk me through putting some goodies on it please?
    thanks for your time
    johnnywonton (noob)
    john cooley

    Im sorry julie i guess im just a pain in the ass like i told you before i bought a new psp not even a month ago upgraded it due to my bro telling me mine need them cause it was inferior to his upgraded older model so now i cant do anything besides play my storebought games on it. so i cant wait im independantly wealthy(yeah right just attracted to shiney things) so i found an older model which 1 has the wi fi button on the side but no browser option??? and now my wife latched on to my newer psp and come to find out i cant even play any i repeat any of my 15 to 20 store bought games all i get is a prompt to update the software what gives??? any way around that? please help i hate putting these things in your private box i just can't stand the thought of being completely called out at age 36 as a dumbass noob by a bunch of 16 year olds in a public forum sorry and thanks please help now im out 200 for the new psp and 160 for the older one and still not able to do anything
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    i see not too many of these intro's get answered no biggie i got it fugured out if you cant understand a tut keep looking there are plenty more tut's that are written in plain english and i also reccomend easy installer programs had no prob ugrading my 1.5 to da's 3.03oea and oeb with the easy as well as devhook
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    Glad you answered your problem

    Just don't double post, EDIT button
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