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    How's it going folks. I'm badchunk (See: Chunk Header Overwrites). I'm a junkie for all things Unix, most things electronic, all things cerebrally stimulating, and smart attractive funny women. I've been programming for 10+ years, but haven't started any PSP projects yet.

    I'm looking forward to getting some of my Live Tool shows onto my PSP, that's going to rock. My PSP was missing for about 6 months, so when I finally found it close to Thanksgiving, I had the chance to mess with it again. Luckily it was only on 2.71, flashed back to 1.5 then up to 3.02-OE-A then OE-B. That's where I am right now. Everything seems to be going well. Need to finish installing DevHook 0.52 with the 3.03 PSAR, but I'm waiting for UPS to show up with my 2GB sticks today. I've had no problems whatsoever, thus far. Running alternately between iRShell v3.1 and the XMB. Can't wait to try the ps1 emulation in the OE-B firmware it's going to be sweet. I'm stuck with a 32mb ms at the moment, and since I'm on OE-B I can't get usb or nethost to work.

    I'm out. Always remember, any two points in the universe are always an infinite distance apart.
    "On my back and tumbling. Down that hole, and back again. Rising up, and wiping the webs and the dew from my withered eye." --MJK/Tool
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    Wow dude, im amazed at your knoledge so far on the PSP when you say you never started modding it yet, bravo. I want to welcome you to our comfy little nook on the internet.

    Oh and you said that you have problems getting your USB to work? I dont have trouble getting it into USB mode useing Connect to PC but if your haveing trouble connect your PSP to the computer, turn your PSP off completely and when you boot it back up hold in your R button to boot up into recovery mode since your running OE-B, you can enable your USB through recovery mode.

    Once again welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay.

    List of the PSP-Mod legends, once on; drizzle, BLACKOUT, jrmdb3, matrixsucks, IONz, mofo196, julie, TZone, SAYN, psplaya, Cloud Strife, demondude777
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    Welcome to the forum man.
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    yeah welcome man i hope you have a good time here and good luck.
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    Welcome back, glad to know you already know alot. and wont be posting threads like whats a firmware?
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