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    12,155 is a free website for Sony PSP related subjects. You can post your information, problems and any other related material here. We (members) will try to answer your problems and request. Everybody is welcome no matter if you are beginner, advanced or expert. New hardware and software can be discussed here. We expect you to give serious replies, posts without content don't contribute to this forum.

    All rules effective immediately


    * All post must be written in english. Several nationalities are browsing this forum, people must be able to understand what you are saying
    * Post in the right section (e.g. no downloads question in the Anything Goes Section)
    * Try to solve the problem yourself before posting and make sure you have used the Search before posting
    * Use clear topic titles, tell us what you've tried, unnecesary caps will be removed (not: "HELPPPP!!!! MY CARD DOESN'T WORK!").
    * Don't kick topics up within 3 days if you haven't recieved a reply yet.
    * Make sure you've read the FAQ (if available) of each section before posting
    * Do not hijack a topic by posting your own problems unless requested.
    * Do not crosspost
    * Do not double post. edit your posts if you have more to say.
    * You posts may not contain any of the following: ****ography, abusive language, shocking/offensive pictures, links to ****sites, and torrent sites
    * Any offtopic/offensive/spam posts will be deleted without warning
    * Dont post repeat threads. ask your question in one section only

    Signatures And Avatars

    * Signatures may be no longer then 5 lines of text
    * You may use pictures, but total size must not exceed 600 x 200 pixels
    * Each line of text counts as 15 pixels, so size pictures accordingly
    * Do not link to your personal website/forum. no blatant advertising
    * No ****ographic pictures or offensive themes
    * Anyone found breaking these rules will have their signature removed without notice and a warning issues via private message
    * Avatars must be under 150 by 150 pixels and under 24.4kb in size
    * As with signatures, nothing offensive or ****ographic may be used


    * Double posting 3 times will result in a 1 week (7 day) ban. Triple posting twice will aslo result in a 1 week ban
    * After getting banned for a week DO NOT make another account and try yo continue posting. serve your 1 week and then come back. Making a new account will be terms for permanent banning of both
    * If your first post is a spam thread, you will be banned, no questions asked
    * Anyone posting hateful/racist comments will be banned. this will not be tolerated on this site
    * Creating multiple accounts. You may only have one account. If you are discovered to have more then one account, then they both will be banned
    *Flaming/Verbal Abuse
    - First Offense = Warning
    - Second Offense = Warning
    - Third Offense = 1 Week Ban
    - Forth Offense = Permanent Ban
    * Double Posting
    - 3 times = 1 week ban
    - 3 more times after ban = permanent ban

    Forum Etiquette

    * Disrespecting other members of the board will not be tolerated and could result in a temporary ban at moderators discretion
    * Attacking someones nationality, religious beliefs, or race will result in automatic permanet ban.
    * No flaming other members. Attack ideas, not people
    * Work problems out via the private message system
    * Help new members by providing them with links to threads or guides. dont just tell them to search
    * No dicussing piracy. do not link people to torrent downloads or dicuss where do get pirated movies, software, or games
    * Dont ask about illegal content. same as above. this includes .iso files and rom files
    * Do not release anyones personal information on this site without their consent. this includes real names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and instant messanger handles
    * Harassment will not be tolerated
    * Do not act as a staff member unless you are one

    **dont hesitate to send a moderator a message if you see someone breaking any of these rules. we'll handle it, dont try to take matters into your own hands**
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