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    hello everyone i just signed up, i found this site about a week ago and i love it.
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    Welcome to the forums

    Glad to hear you like the site

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Yea Welcome to the Forums. If you need any help you can contact me or go to the moderators. And I suggest you read the Sticky's. They are very helpful for newbs.
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    yeah what the CIA agent said :-P
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    Welcome to the forums! Its the best forum ive found..
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    Hi jason, just passing this on from evolve:

    Quote Originally Posted by evolve View Post
    Sorry for the hassle, thanks to bah who fixed the link.

    For some reason, I cannot download anything from the download section. I can only add files. So, I can't verify the files I add. Can you check what's wrong with my account please?
    Could you please look into that, thanks.

    Also, the downloads section only shows 20 comments per file and then doesnt display/give the option to see more.
    It also sorts the posts by Month-Day-year (Displaying Month-day-year american style). This obviously puts the posts in a crazy order. It should be sorted year-month-day to put the most recent at the top and keep correct order.

    Thanks man
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