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    Hey my name is dan

    i live outside of chicago

    i had a PSP along time ago when they first came out it ended up breaking somehow form my stupid sister but i finally bought another one

    i am a member at which is the leading forum in ipod modding so if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me or check out the site

    im here to take full advantage of the psp and its features i want to help you guys in cracking the new firmwares so if there is anything to help, id love to try it

    and ill try any flash things with 3.03 b/c i got a looong warentee with BB that covers anything

    so ill try any dangerious thing
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    well welcome to if your thinkin of tryin 2 crack a firmware to be able to downgrade start with 3.03 because there are so many ppl that hav complained bout it. welcome!!!
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    thats what i have id like to know how the downgrade is actually developed and how the flash is read and stuff can you tell me about that???
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Start by looking at your "System Version" . On the PSP Options you'll find it.

    2nd. You'll should know how to check that motheboard you have .. You know it never hurts...

    In my case I have from Store a 2.71... Well I saw that there wre downgraders for 2.71.. and 2.71 Ta-082 (This is the motherboard) .. you see now? if I have just.. OM.. I have 2.71 without checking my motherboard my psp woulld be a nice brick by now.

    Theres two options of how to know your motherboard.

    1.By looking at your PSP.

    Heres the link:

    ph34r m3!

    2. By looking at your PSP's Retail BOX.

    Heres the link:

    4g memory

    As easy as that man... Now after just go and hunt some Guides to downgrade This is bcause you need to KNOW what your psp is before attenting a thing.

    GOod luck! I got my psp the 1st of this month just like my signature said. And in 9 days I had upgraded to 3.02 OE-B.. Maybe it took me long but I like to read and read.. and read and have as much knowledge before attenting a thing. So I took my time. And yesterday I upgraded to the lastest version.

    And lastely Welcome to the forums!! I hope you enjoy it!! Its a nice place many here are super nice!! lonner.. psp.. Justinloco.. theres sooooooooo many that I cant remember at the moment and helped me a lot and many others..

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    ok... i have 3.03 firmware that i upgradesd to from 2.71 i believe

    i have ht elittle thing onthe motherboard like in the like

    how do i actually access the flash memory embedded in the psp ( flash1:, flash0: i think)

    i can find firmware for other psp's on sites so i wanna compare them and see the firmware differences and maybe allow hte tiff exploit again on the psp

    i wanna do something im good with modding hte ipod flash memory and stuff so i wana give the psp a try too

    but i cant find a program that can copy the flash drive files to my pc for examining can someone help me plz?
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