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    My story: I bought a PSP on launch day, kept it for a few months, then sold it on ebay as there was a dearth of decent games. I have been modding xboxes and the DS and Wii as of late, but as I lay unaware, the PSP mod scene has exploded.

    Basically, I like the emulators to play the old games (I am an old man myself-35), and have managed to pick up a upgradeable (downgradeable?) PSP and am ready to get modding. So, my DS will be going the way of the dodo, and I am going to be a PSP guy again.

    When not being a nerd modding video game consoles, I like to ride my motorcycle around and participate in the martial arts (BJJ). And there is, of course, my one true love...TV!

    I just wanted to introduce myself and thank the members here for their insight and know-how. Also, I wanted to commend you all on the gentle way you treat the noobs. On other boards I visit, the newbs get destroyed for not searching.
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    we dont destroy here we try to accomodate

    if you need any help with downgrading or h/b or anything, feel free to ask me

    i have a new psp (3.03) but i had a 1.50 along time ago and have prety much figured out everything about modding ti

    or just check these amazing forums here

    Either way, welcome to pspmod
    First PSP: 1.0>1.5>2.0>2.5>BROKEN SCREEN ='(

    Current PSP: 2.71>1.5>3.02 oe a>3.02 oe b>3.03 oe a >3.03 oe b>1.5>3.03 oe c>3.10 oe A>3.03 oe c
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Haha your right grey1.. Noobs get flamed and destroyed in other forums. Normally they would get here as well if they ask if they can run homebrew on a SONY 3.02 or 3.03 firmware :P.. And of course they would because theres no downgrader for these latest versions.

    Im glad you got yourself a downgradeable PSP. You can call it both if you downgrade you can upgrade as well. So it does not matter how you call it.

    I have heard of DS getting modded but dont know how good that is compared to a PSP.

    Good luck my friend! and have fun in the forums! its a really nice place you'll like it.
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    Welcome to the forum and happy modding.
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