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    For some reason my thread got deleted??

    I just purchased my psp 2 days ago and am enjoying this and this site......
    PsP OwNeR As Of 1-23-07
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    sorry it got deleted but anyways, welcome to teh forums

    and enjoy your time at pspmod
    First PSP: 1.0>1.5>2.0>2.5>BROKEN SCREEN ='(

    Current PSP: 2.71>1.5>3.02 oe a>3.02 oe b>3.03 oe a >3.03 oe b>1.5>3.03 oe c>3.10 oe A>3.03 oe c
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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